Hi all, thank you for stopping by. My name is Stefan and I am a Software Engineer II at [Insert Internet Company Here]. Really though that doesn’t matter that much but if you need to know you can stop by at my LinkedIn. I’m always looking to meet new people who are excited about technology whom I can either help teach or learn from and can refer to different people that contact me for career opportunities.

I’m obsessed with career growth, personal growth, becoming a better coder and helping developing those people around me which is why I’ve started this blog. As I work on progressing in these areas I am excited to share my highest impact leanings with you and hope you will find it helpful!

Be sure to leave comments on my posts so we can build a community of people excited about python as much as we are.

Also as a disclosure I do receive compensation for any of the ads on my page. This is merely for the purpose of paying off student loans and saving up for my own kids college so please help out if you like my content. I do only link to books I’ve read or products I use.

I also offer other services such as interview coaching, design consultation, and freelance programming.