List in Python

As mentioned in a previous article about data structures a list is a linear data structure built of linked nodes of data used to store a collection of data. Below is a quick implementation of a basic list for your reference.

class node:
    next_node = None
    def __init__(self, data): = data

class toy_list:
    # Track head node and active node
    first_node = None
    current_node = None
    def add(self, data):
        data_node = node(data)
        if self.first_node == None:
            # initialize the head of the list
            self.first_node = data_node
            self.current_node = data_node
            # create links
            self.current_node.next_node = data_node
            self.current_node = data_node
    def print(self):
        if self.first_node == None:
            raise Exception("List contains no data to print")

        print_node = self.first_node

        # Iterate through chain
        while print_node.next_node != None:
            print_node = print_node.next_node


test_list = toy_list()

    test_list.print() # This will raise since there is no data added
except Exception as e:


# Output
# List contains no data to print
# a
# b
# c

This list can hold things such as a series of numbers, items to buy while shopping, people in an address books, metrics about a component in a system, etc.

Python’s Native List

Instead of creating your own list data structure like I did above; Python has a built in list with a lot of additional features not included in the toy list.

# Empty list creation
bracket_list = []
object_list = list()

# List creation with data
number_list = [1,2,3,4]

# Reference list
number_1 = list[0] # Lists are 0 indexed
number_4 = list[-1] # Negative indexing

# Looping through lists
for number in number_list:

# Adding data to the end

# Slicing items after an index
>> [1,2]

# Slicing beginning of a list
>> [3,4,5]

# Replacing items
number_list[0] = 6
>> [6,2,3,4,5]

# Deleting items
del number_list[0]
>> [2,3,4,5]

>> [2,3,5]

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