Viral Python Dec 2019: Developer types, spreadsheets, and cyber trucks

Welcome to my monthly or bi-weekly series of Viral Python, or whenever I find enough cool stuff to share! I’m excited to bring the first article of hopefully many where I will recap interesting trending Python material I’ve found across the web to keep all of you current with all the interesting pythonic things people are doing across the interwebs!

If there’s any cool python things you’ve found, feel free to let me know by emailing me at and I will credit you in the next article or share your memes with me in my super small facebook python group. Also, if you’re into knowing what’s going on in Python in this kind of style follow the blog so you can get emailed when I post the next article or other more serious python and software development related content.

Python 3.8 Update

3.8.1 candidate 1 launched Tuesday, 2019-12-10. I don’t know why this is important but hey it’s recent news and shows good headway for a new version of Python. What could go wrong there.

Strong Developer Demand going into 2020

Head on over to our other article to read all about how Python isn’t showing any signs of slowing down going into next year.

Know your software developer “type”

Are you the tank type of developer that sacrifices your urge to code by going to meetings and getting all the nitty gritty details of the project to enable other developers to write thousands line of awesome code and get all the credit? Or are you the hunter who actively seeks out and fixes bugs to keep that pack running efficient?

Thanks to “Neil on Software” for bringing light to this cool article of developer personality types and making me feel better about being the tank

A guide to python spreadsheets

I might be grasping at straws with this share but spreadsheets seems to be a hot topic among data researchers out there. If you work with spreadsheets and databases you’ll want to read through this openpyxl tutorial.

What the heck is a walrus operator! Now I know

Thanks @heyaudy for sharing this interesting Python 3.8 update.

As much as I enjoy parenthesis I think i’ll stick with ‘as’

Who knew insulting yourself could be so fun

Over in the reddit world, user F**myholes apparently had a hard time thinking of a project so he decided to write a script that just insults himself. At least he got an apology from the condom factory in the screen shot he shared on his post. I’m not going to share it here but you can go take a look for yourself. Better luck next time F, maybe try a text based adventure game where you look for a treasure next time.

Tesla truck greeting card generator from u/Igor_d7

For an actually cool project Igor_d7 made a greeting card generator using Turtle graphics. I’ll actually be checking this one and working through the source code myself to get a better feel how the Tesla truck is literally just a bunch of big polygons.

Automated code reviews!!!

Lastly coming out of re:invent 2019, Amazon AWS brings you automated code reviews from their CodeGuru service that are supposed to be like having a distinguished engineer sitting over your shoulder and telling you why your code sucks to reduce development churn and bugs in prod. There has been chatter over the cost at 0.75$ per 100 lines for enterprise code bases but this is trivial if you’re only spending 1.50$ for a new 200 line feature compared to having another engineer spending 30 minutes looking over the same code. I have no clue if this actually works and it’s only in preview for Java code repos but this seems to be something trending in the future. First Java, next Python, then 5 years from now this thing will be writing code completely for us instead? Hopefully not, since I rather like my developer position and it seems to soon to automate me out of a job.

Sign off

Thank you for stopping by and I’m sure there is tons of great stuff that people have made the last week that I am missing! For the next article I’ll be more diligent in keeping track of interesting things I’ve seen in social media. Remember if you’re making something cool or you’ve seen a top notch Python project please let me know in the comments!

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