What’s Hot in Python Dec 2019 Recap

The new year brings with it a consciousness to reflect on the old year and make some decisions concerning the new while counting the achievements of the old. Therefore, it’s a normal thing to see rankings for various kinds of things in various fields all over the internet. Coding is no exception to this unwritten, generally accepted procedure, and a lot of interesting stats, facts and figures are out as 2019 rolls to a close. Here are Python updates for December 2019 that will support why the demand for Python developers in 2020 will only keep growing!

Summary of Python news in December 2019 (what you will find in this report)

  • Third on the TIOBE Index
  • Second on SplashData 
  • No. 1 on PPYL.
  • First with IEEE Spectrum 
  • First with CodeEval 
  • Fastest Growing and Second most loved (Stack Overflow)
  • PyCharm2019.3 is out
  • Amazon lists Python as one of the featured languages for its EventBridge schema.

Current ratings and stats

In the coding world, when it comes to the ratings of programming languages, there are well-known programming language indexes around the world that are trusted to do justice to this, having gathered the needed accurate data. Some of them are TIOBE Index, Slashdata, Stack overflow, PYPL, codeEval, Redmonk, hackerRank, my job stats, etc. These sites and organizations gather their data for rankings through different strategic methodologies. It’s from their reports that we get to know from time to time if a programming language is faring better or it is on the other side. We get to know the language whose stocks dropped and the one with a skyrocketing stock at a particular point in time. Here we will see something about some of the indexes themselves, their characteristics, their methodologies, and what they have to say about Python for 2019. These won’t only give us a good understanding of the Python performance by December 2019, but will also give us an idea of what’s coming for Python in 2020. 

So, here are Python ratings as of December 2019.


TIOBE programming community index is known for its ranking of the popularity and performance programming languages by calculating the number of search engine results from queries that contain the name of the language. With searches done across the search engines Yahoo, Google, Baidu, MSN, Bing, Wikipedia, Amazon, and YouTube, TIOBE rolls out the figure: The Index for December 2019 ranks Python in the 3rd position with a rating of about 10.308%, which was the highest position Python is ranked with TIOBE since 2003. Although it was also ranked third in December 2018, this year’s has witnessed a growth of +1.93%.

The overall annual performance is set to be out next year. 


PYPL (PopularitY of Programming Languages) index comes from the analyzing of how often language tutorials are searched on Google. To PYPL, it is assumed that the more a language tutorial is searched, the more popular the language is. Like TIOBE, PYPL rankings are also done monthly. The rankings report for December 2019 currently puts Python at number 1, which means Python tutorials are the most often searched on Google this year. Their reports further state that among all programming languages, When asking how popular is Python, it is currently among the most popular, and it grew the most in the last five years.

Here is the search trends from Google between Java (red), Javascript (yellow) and Python (blue) over the past 5 yeras.



Python is rated second. 

SlashData is a UK developer-focused analyst that surveys over 40,000 developers in over 150 countries around the world across mobile, IoT, desktop, cloud, games, web, machine learning, and AR/VR technologies. Hence, their rating of Python as the second programing language can also be recognized. Their reports estimate that there are over 8.2 million developers who code using Python over the world, larger than Java at 7.6 million. 

IEEE Spectrum

One of the most authoritative and trusted sources of high impact technologies, IEEE spectrum, gathers its ranking data from about 10 sources, and they are; Google search of “X programming”, Github, Google trends, Stack overflow, Twitter, Dice, Hacker News, CareerBuilder, Reddit.

Their latest rankings came around June this year, and the findings look the same as last year’s. Python sits at the pinnacle. IEEE Spectrum doesn’t just make up a ‘one list fit all’. Their rankings are based on enterprise, mobile, web development, social channels, and excellent study of the programming job market.


CodeEval is a platform of technical screening that hosts coding challenges to screen and source developers. Like IEEE Spectrum, their rankings come annually and are based on about over 1,200,000+ challenge submissions for the year. It’s from this that they make the ranking analysis, and the last one that came from them puts Python at the top of the pile.

Stack Overflow

This is the most trusted online community for someone who codes to learn, share knowledge, and build a career. IEEE Spectrum uses survey stats from Stack Overflow as part of the data to generate their rankings. Python is considered the fastest-growing major programming language by Stack Overflow, and the second most loved programming language as of December 2019.

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Amazon re:Invent

Amazon’s re:Invent kicks off this December. And there, AWS announces the preview of the Amazon EventBridge Schema registry. The Schema registry allows for the creation, discovery, and management of API Schemas for events on EventBridge. Python is chosen as one of the languages that the schemas (events) can be mapped to, alongside Java and Typescript. And amazingly, it supports the latest version of Python, PyCharm.

What’s More?

As of December 2019, TIOBE still recognizes Python as one of the best and complements that it is easy to learn and grow skills quickly in when compared to other languages. 

The 2019 reports for the State of the Octoverse shows that Python successfully outranked Java for the first time. And according to GitHub, Python, according to usage, is the most popular language following JavaScript. 

JetBrains has recently released PyCharm2019.3, which is the latest version. This current Python IDE provides the functionality of interactive widgets for Jupyter Notebooks, for the Pro Edition. More so, either paid or free, additional language features are supported. Pro users also have the choice to run PyCharm on Windows Subsystem on Linux 2 (WSL2). Furthermore, it has improved interactivity, supports MongoDB, which can be connected through the database tool window.

Dice lists Python as one of the core languages to be learned in 2020. Following the trends, Enrikio Aryanto, who is the co-founder and CTO of Redwood City, compares R with Python, stating, “We run them both in our data science platform internally. But if I were starting my career all over again today, I might consider focusing on Python rather than R. It’s a more-general language with broader applications.” Dice concludes by stating that familiarity with Python is key to getting into the game of data science. 

What’s next?

It is clear that Python is on an unprecedented upward movement, no sign of dulling anytime soon. So far, none of the above indexes places Python below the third position, as of December 2019, signifying that in every area the top three is mentioned, Python has cemented a permanent place for the time being. And from all indications, it is just a matter of time before it stands permanently at the top of all positive rankings. Python is becoming the ultimate darling of the developer and the tech employer. Its position this December 2019 speaks volumes of its popularity. Therefore, any developer or an aspiring one who isn’t yet on the Python boat will be smart to get on! Game on!

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