What’s Hot in Python, Jan 2020

Python 2 Frozen

From the beginning of the year 2020, the group of volunteers who manage Python programming language had decided that they were “sunsetting Python 2”. This means that no improvement features would be done on the version of Python programming language, not even security bug fixes. So, if anyone wonders “why my Python 2 issue is not getting fixed,” there, you have the answer. This was done so that more focus can be put on supporting Python3 releases

Python Extension for Visual Studio Code

On the 7th of January, Microsoft announced the January release of Python Extension for Visual Studio Code. Users are to download the Python extension from the digital app/software store or to have it directly installed from the extension gallery in Visual Studio Code. The current release fixes the rebuilding ctags on save and start, has an auto-activation of environments in the terminal of a load. Performance improvements in the Jupyter Notebook editor were also mentioned. It also supports local images in markdown for notebooks, uses “conda run” when executing Python in Anaconda environment, and supports the ability to take input from users of notebooks and interactive Window. 

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The most frequent searches made about Python in 2020

The most frequent searches made about Python programming in 2020 include “Top Python Skills to Learn” and “Python income trends”. These are the results of my run analytics so far. 

Coder writes a script to find the right way out of a maze puzzle.

Addicted Python developer writes a script that allows them to solve a maze recursively. The demo shows a perfect route-finder in a clumsy puzzle of about 4000 cells. Well, so much for discovery as this remains one of the hot topics in Python so far, in January. 

Python Applications are endless, maybe not literally

Visual sorting seems to be the hot thing on the plat for Python coders. There are currently works on color sorting, audio sorting, bubble sorting, and so on. When fully matured, this may find application for multiple industries.

Python 3.8 so far

The users of the latest version of Python seem to be enjoying the version so far. Much comments and reviews are made about the swift syntax change, memory sharing, walrus operators, revamped dictionaries, and more efficient deserialization.

A new way to download videos on Instagram, thanks to Python

A coder has created an Instagram bot that is capable of downloading video posts that are sent to it. It sends the content back as mp4. The Instagram bot link is released in the link. Basically, all you have to do is to copy a video link from Instagram, paste the link in the direct message box to the bot, and Voila! Well, this may not be the most impressive download option, but it is something. 

Word Games have never been more fun

Instead of cracking your head for so long to get a word puzzle game played, how about having a script play it for you? Here is a simulation. That’s what a developer has done with Python, catching the attention of thousands of developers. With a Python script, “Ruzzle”, the game, becomes a piece of cake. Maybe we can look forward to Python programmers, creating codes that will help us to overcome crazy missions in Call of Duty ops, Dragon Ball Z, and other games.

Will Python scripting replace artists? 

Although basic, a code script was written to convert images into ASCII art. This shows that the future is bright for the application of Python in creating different types of art pieces, strokes, and patterns. Check out the work

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