Can You Do Game Development In Python?

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What can be done with Python?

Python is a computer programming language used to create websites, web applications and graphical user interface applications for use on your computer simply. It is a highly abstract language which has a wide scope of applications and easy to learn. Some people wonder whether Python can be used for video game development. The python language has been used in a range of computer programming applications such as Task Automation, Machine Learning, and can be used in the gaming sector.

They probably don’t know that there are quite a number of python games, some of which are quite basic such as flappy bird. What is amazing about python programming language is its ease of use even by beginners. Python can also turn you into a game development guru in just a few years. If you are a beginner on the use of the python language with no idea on how to go about it then this guide is worth reading. Experts can also advance their knowledge in the python programming language as well. The guide takes you through a complete guide on the various types of python games and their application. Read on to get more ideas concerning the python programming language.

Python game types

There are quite a range of python games, some of which you could even be familiar with. Will will elaborate some of the major games applied in the python programming language.

Battle type games

Most of the battle games which you might frequently come across, are written in Python. Some people prefer to call them Kick-ass games. Examples include Battlefield (the tank game, not the xbox one), Battlefield Heroes, BalazarBrothers. These games are available for PCs running on Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, and MacOS. To do personalized game development on your computer, first, you need to download Python from its official website and install it on your PC. Then, depending on your OS, you can follow the Python instruction manual that comes with the software. Afterwards, you can start writing the code for your battle games.

Text-based games

Other types of games include text-based games. These are games whose user interfaces apply the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII). Most text games are adventure games. First, you start by downloading, installation and setting up Python, regardless of the Operating System on your PC. Then, for Windows PC, set up Sublime Editor, followed by text-based zip file resources. These will help you to commence writing of the text-based game code. Examples of text-based games include A dark room, Dear Villagers, Facebook Messenger, InstLife, King of Dragon, Lifeline series, Magium, et cetera.

Graphical games

Most video games that people think of fall into the graphical games category. They are games that are typically supported by some kind of physics engine and game design framework like Unreal or Unity to handle creating 3d entities, collision detection, and behavioral rules. Since Python is a higher level interpreted language it would be extremely hard to create a 3d modeling physics engine that would run well enough to drive extremely graphical heavy games. Because of this most graphical games created with python tend to be 2d games used for people to learn the fundamentals of game programming and prototyping ideas. Some of the most basic games made using Python include clones of Flappy Bird , Pac Man, and Race 2D. Graphical game development can be done using Tkinter, a Python graphical interface resource. Tkinter is a standard library included with Python so people making games using this simply need to import tkinter and then learn how to define windows, backgrounds, player and enemy models, behavioral AI logic, and input/output code to define how the player model moves. This could be a a single button spacebar press in terms of Flappy Birds or a more advanced Left, Right, Up, Down, Jump, Shoot configuration as a person becomes a more skilled game creator.

Python Game Development Libraries

Game development using python is really possible and has been made easier by the availability of Python libraries which are stated below to distribute and share common functionality that programmers would find themselves repeatedly writing.


This is the most popular library used to code video games and entails computer graphics and audio libraries. It has been reported to be a suitable career starter and facilitator for many new developers since it is easy to use, easily portable, and fun. As a result, new game developers become gurus in such a very short time. PyGame gets even easier and more fun with game script engines, theme systems, among others.


This library is meant for windowing and multimedia for games and other multimedia applications. It is available for MacOS, Windows, and Kali Linux. About windowing, Pyglet allows you to open multiple to unlimited number of windows. Then you can apply music, photos, video, and any other kind of audio. Audio and video formats of any kind can be applied using Pyglet. For newbies, Pglet also provides a leeway to learn about video game development starting with 2D technology. Then later, one can advance to 3D. Gaming effects and transformations are also part of this library.


This library is used to closely complement PyGame and provides an opportunity for game development using both 2D and 3D technology. Hence, game development learners have quite a head start. OpenGL Tool kit also allows easy manipulation of computer windows and hardware input. The presence of SDL makes it possible to create multimedia using this library.

Python Imaging

As the name suggests, the library is responsible for all the imaging that Python does. Photos and pictures of all formats can be supported. It also gives strong graphical capabilities to Python. This means the python games will generally be visually attractive.

Python Kivy

Games where you can use more than two fingers on the same phone screen must have been a product of coding using this library resource. Multitouch technology is not just for games but also other apps. This library can be used on Python for game development on Kali Linux, MacOS, Windows, iOS and also Android. The code for this library is readily available on the internet for anyone interested in python game development.


The library is all about user game ratings. It applies the statistical algorithm of inferences originally designed by Bayes. The algorithms help to rank end-consumers of games and matching them to other similar consumers. Game development companies tend to make use of this library a lot.

Indeed, Python has very significant contribution to the world of game development. If you are agmaing fan then yiy should use pything gaming language to get an amazing experience from the gaming world. The process of applying the python programming is not complex and therefore you can just follow through some simple procedures to run the application.

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